We have listed here the frequently asked questions (FAQ). Before contacting our sales department for assistance, please go through the questions below to see if your question has previously been answered.


Where are OrangeWebsite servers physically located?

All of our servers are physically located in Reykjavik, Iceland.


Can you provide a test IP to ping or a sample website to view that is hosted on your servers?

Sure. You can ping and here is an example of a website that is hosted on one of our servers: Mixing Head


Do you have a large file I could download from your servers to test the speed?

To test our download speed, please download the following .ows file/s:

Test File (100 MB)

Files are security scanned with the latest version of Norton Internet Security.


I found content on a website hosted on your servers that I find offensive. How can I ask you to remove it?

We are a free speech hosting provider and, thus, the cost of that is that there may be content hosted on our servers that some people might find offensive. Once we start taking down such web sites, then we are no longer a free speech hosting service provider.

However, if you believe you have found content that is illegal or against our TOS, please contact us here and select the Abuse Department


Can I use BitCoin to register domain names?

Yes! We accept all sorts of cryptocurrency payments for all of our services including domain name registrations. You may read more about them here.


I would like to order a dedicated server or VPS on a monthly billing cycle. Is that possible?

It is entirely possible to order dedicated machines as well as cloud virtual servers on a monthly billing cycle. However, we offer additional discounts for longer billing cycles.


Can I sign up 100% anonymously to order web hosting or domain registration solutions from you?

Yes you can! The only piece of information we ask you to provide is a valid email address. You can pay for all orders by BitCoin.


Is it possible to sign up on your affiliate program anonymously?

Technically, yes. Normally, we require some personal information to be able to send you the payments. But, in case you wish to be paid out by BitCoin, we only need your email address, website URL and BitCoin address. You can read more about our affiliate program here and sign up here


Can I pay for my order by bank transfer?

Unfortuantely at this time does not provide Bank Transfers, the available methods of payment are PayPal, Cryptocurrency and Cash by Mail. We however do plan on introducing Bank Transfers at a later date which unfortunately has no ETA at this time.


How do you respond if you receive a complaint regarding site content hosted on your servers?

If the site does not contain anything illegal and if its content is not against our TOS, we ignore such complaints. The privacy of our clients is really important to us. We never release information to a third party. Every time we are contacted by a third party regarding our clients’ websites or information, we inform our clients about it. We encourage you to read our TOS here every time you visit our website.


Do you offer a web-based control panel for my site?

We offer cPanel for all of our shared hosting clients without any additional costs! For our VPS and dedicated solution clients, customers can install any control panel they like. We can help with cPanel installations on VPS and dedicated machines provided the licenses are purchased through us for free as part of the customer service. Any other panel such as zPanel can be installed but at an hourly rate.


Are there any hidden costs or set-up fees?

There are no hidden or extra fees associated with any of our hosting packages. All server solutions are free of set-up fees.


How can I upgrade my web hosting plan and how much does it cost?

You can always upgrade your shared hosting or VPS plan free of charge by sending us an upgrade request email. You would only pay for a difference to more expensive hosting solution. Most of the time upgrading takes only a few minutes.


Do you have a knowledgebase that I can look at to help me?

Certainly, we have an extensive knowledge base with articles ranging from the entire cPanel, to Linux as well as your client area. You can see the knowledge base here.