OrangeWebsite Dedicated Server gives you more than just a server. All of our servers are designed to take your business to the next level. To make it easier for you to get started, we can help you to pre-install the latest version of operating system software free of charge. Our hosting facilities are running on 100% renewable energy, so you can enjoy the high performance of a green dedicated server without hampering the environment. We also offer VPS, WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting solutions.

Our dedicated server solutions start as low as €194.30 if ordered for the longest billing cycle of 3 years (25% Discount)

Why choose OrangeWebsite dedicated server solution?

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Minimal latency to Europe and America

Having OrangeWebsite dedicated server gives a unique opportunity to enjoy low latency to both continents, America and Europe. See below examples latency times to major cities

London, United Kingdom 50 ms Copenhagen, Denmark 52 ms
Lisbon, Portugal 76 ms Moscow, Russia 105 ms
New York, NY, United States 104 ms Toronto, Ontario, Canada 116 ms
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Today's internet-connected world faces an increasing number of security threats. Our priority is to keep your hosting account secure at all times. To make this possible, we are performing constant security auditing in our systems. We only gather the minimum amount of data regarding our customers and we store it encrypted. You are always connected through secure 256-bit SSL when accessing billing information, the file manager or web mail. All our shared hosting servers are protected with advanced DDoS protection system and SpamExperts spam filtering software. We allow you to sign up anonymously. Read more about our security precautions here.

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Professional Spam Filter

Incoming and outgoing filters are crucial for email security. The incoming filter, using self-learning technology, processes millions of emails to distinguish spam from legitimate messages with near-perfect accuracy. It's easily enabled in your control panel. The outgoing filter, always active, protects our IP ranges from blacklisting by filtering out spam, malware, and other threats, thus safeguarding your website's reputation and trust. Being protected from blacklisting saves potential costs and reputation damage associated with delistings.

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All offshore hosting plans are hosted in Iceland, where online censorship is low. Iceland is not part of the EU or USA. Our independent freedom of expression legislation guarantees publishers, journalists and bloggers a safe haven to publish their words without being harassed. You may read more about the International Modern Media Institute here or their wikipedia entry here.

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We provide affordable web hosting plans in Iceland. Our billing system is simple and there are no hidden costs or fees. You can sign up with us without a contract and cancel your service anytime you like. We offer wide variety of payment methods for you to choose.

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We have been in business for years. All of our hosting plans are hosted on high-speed professional servers with 99,9% uptime. That is how we can ensure your site is always online and working fast. All of our hosting plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


What you need right now is what you are paying for. Unlike many service providers, we don't charge extra if you wish to upgrade your hosting plan in the future. You will only pay the difference for the upgrade. Our custom web hosting solutions offer fully customized services that suit your needs. This way you will always have the best offshore web hosting solution available.

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Save Nature

All of our servers run on 100% renewable energy. By choosing green products and services, you can help to prevent climate change. Read more about our mission to help environment here.