Hydroelectric plant visible at night with a northern lights hovering above majestically
Orange holding the Icelandic Flag

We offer four types of hosting solutions to all our clients, those are Shared hosting for smaller websites such as personal or business websites. We also offer bigger server solutions like Virtual private servers and Dedicated servers.

Our shared hosting plans are protected with the latest security solution available. They are good for hosting small and medium personal and business websites, they are protected from DDoS attacks.

We also offer Virtual private servers both Linux and Windows platform server which are ideal options for you if you wish to have the freedom of a dedicated server solution without the cost that comes with it. When you choose our VPS solutions you can enjoy the great benefits of our privacy and freedom of speech legislation.

Orangewebsite offers Dedicated server solutions as well which are more then just servers. To make it easier for you to get started, we can help you with pre-installed of the latest version of an operating system free of charge (except Windows).

Our hosting facilities are only in Iceland and they are run on 100% renewable energy as well so you can enjoy the high performance of our shared hosting, vps or a green dedicated server without hampering the environment.