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Today's internet-connected world is faced with an increasing number of security threats. You may have heard in the news about customer databases of some major companies being compromised by hackers and how their customers' private information, such as postal addresses and credit card information, was leaked to intruders. Nobody likes to hear that criminals have stolen information regarding where they live, full names, credit card information or private phone numbers. For this reason, we at OrangeWebsite take a different approach for keeping your information safe.

We only store only the absolute minimum information about you

As we are an internet-based service provider, we don't actually need to know much about you in order to be able to provide you with good service. This gives us a unique benefit to keep your data safe. Upon signing up with us, you will only be asked to provide your email address. We don't store your name, billing address or credit card information anywhere in our databases.

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Two-factor authentication to provide a second layer of protection

Even though our databases only contain the minimum amount of data regarding our clients, it does not mean that we don’t take extra steps to protect it. One of our advanced security features is called two-factor authentication. This feature adds a second layer of protection to access the client area, where your information is stored. By enabling two-factor authentication, you connect your phone to your billing account with us. Every time you log in with your username and password, you will receive an instant text message or phone call with a one-time passcode that you need to log in successfully. This way, even if your password was compromised, the hacker could not access the system. Two-factor authentication can also be implemented for server SSH logins.

Advanced Server and Web Hosting Security

We have a skilled team of Server Security Specialists and Ethical Hackers who make sure our hosting servers are always hardened to provide the maximum security from outside threats. We constantly perform security auditing and ensure our software is up-to-date with the latest security patches. When you access your control panel and email, the connection goes through a secure 256-bit SSL layer to ensure your sensitive data will not be sniffed by an intruder.

Real DDoS protection to keep your systems up and running

We are one of the few companies using highly sophisticated DDoS Protection methods to mitigate possible attacks towards our systems. Our system is designed to protect our networks against all types of service exhaustion attacks. We can guarantee our capability to mitigate attacks up to 250Gb/second. We have a mitigation team on duty around the clock in monitoring our systems.

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