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Earn money with us

Earn up to 125 USD per signup with our affiliate program!*

  • ● 50 USD sign-up bonus for every new affiliate!
  • ● Earn commission rates as high as 125 USD per signup with our program!*
  • ● No monthly fees!
  • ● No monthly minimum sales limit!
  • ● Sign up for free!

* Our commission levels are based on amount of new signups you bring in.

You don't need a high-traffic website to start selling!

Everyone can start earning with our affiliate program! If you don't have a website, you can promote our products, for example on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). By simply adding the affiliate link to the footer of your email message or your Facebook page, you can start getting paid.

Being part of our affiliate program is absolutely free. We don't have recurring monthly costs or sign-up fees. As a matter of fact, we pay you to sign up! Every new affiliate is eligible for a 50 USD sign-up bonus, which will be instantly credited to your account when you sign up.

Affiliate marketing - How does it work?

Watch our video on affiliate marketing by clicking the player above. Loading may take up to one minute.

You don't have to be a professional to participate in our affiliate program.

Signing up as an affiliate with us doesn't mean you have to be working alone. Our professional sales team is always there for you when you need support or coaching. After signing up, we provide our affiliates access to hundreds of pages of material about sales strategies and advertising tips.

In the affiliate section of our web site, you will be able to watch hours and hours of training videos any time of the day. These videos will cover everything from the basics of being an affiliate all the way through to the highly advanced functions our affiliate program has to offer.

How much can I actually earn?

This is the ultimate question that every affiliate wants to know. The best thing about being an affiliate is that there are no earning limits. You will get paid for the results. Our program follows these simple payment levels:

  • - Level 1: You get 1-5 signups per month - Your commission is 15 USD per signup.
  • - Level 2: You get 6-10 signups per month - Your commission is 25 USD per signup.
  • - Level 3: You get 11-15 signups per month - Your commission is 50 USD per signup.
  • - Level 4: You get 16-20 signups per month - Your commission is 75 USD per signup.
  • - Level 5: You get over 20 signups per month - Your commission is 125 USD per signup.

Example: in case you get 30 signups (with a sale) in the month (the month resets at 1st), your monthly commission would be

- at Level 1: 5x15
- at Level 2: 5x25
- at Level 3: 5x50
- at Level 4: 5x75
- at Level 5: 10x125

Total Commission for the Month: $2150 for the month!, then at the start of next month the Level resets.

Only hosting related products Shared/VPS/Dedicated Servers count towards a commission, everything else is excluded.

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